#MuseumGames #Sudoku April 12

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The Akron Art Museum works with museums around the world to create weekly crosswords and other puzzles. This week, we’ve added a Sudoku puzzle. Museums have a few clues to help you get through the puzzle.

Participating Museums: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and SciencesAllentown Art MuseumAncient House Museum of Thetford Life (part of Norfolk Museums Service)Antique Gas and Steam Engine MuseumAppleton Museum of Art, College of Central Florida; BAMPFA Canadian War Museum Contemporary Jewish MuseumDelaware Art MuseumErie Canal MuseumFairfield UniversityGeorgia Museum of ArtGettyHammer Museum at UCLAHolden ArboretumKean University GalleriesKimbell Art MuseumLong Island Children’s MuseumNew-York Historical SocietyOld World WisconsinPeabody Essex MuseumPoster HousePueblo Grand MuseumRoyal Saskatchewan MuseumSan Antonio Museum of ArtStories of LynnThe Delaware Natural History Museum The Johnson CollectionThe Lynn Museum (part of Norfolk Museums Service) ; University of Michigan Museum of Natural HistoryWestmoreland Museum of American ArtWolfsonian-FIU


A. How many daughters did Maharajah Duleep Singh have? Learn more at Ancient House Museum of Thetford Life (part of Norfolk Museums Service).

B. Part of how the Stenberg Brothers signed their posters. Learn more at Poster House.

C. Due to an increased loss of biodiversity, scientists are discussing whether the earth is undergoing another mass extinction. If so, how many mass extinctions would the Earth have experienced? Learn more at the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History.

D. The Delaware Natural History Museum has 3?, 000 egg clutches.

E. While working as a ticket collector at a tourist attraction, self-taught artist Minnie Evans sold her drawings for ?0 cents each. The Johnson Collection can give you a clue.

F.On which day of January 1840 did Kings Lynn born writer Fanny Burney die?TheLynn Museum (part of Norfolk Museums Service) can share more.

G. The oldest collection work is an object from 184? at the Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum.

H. Long Island Children’s Museum was awarded the National Medal for Museum and Library Service, the nation’s highest honor conferred on museums and libraries in recognition of their extraordinary service to the community, in 201?. Learn more at Long Island Children’s Museum.

I. Double of this number or the number of acres of forested land on which the Appleton Museum of Art, College of Central Florida resides.

J. On King’s Lynn Town Hall, which King Charles’ coat of arms is on the porch? Learn more at Stories of Lynn.

MuseumGames are made possible by PNC with additional support from the Kathy Moses Salem Philanthropic Fund of the Akron Community Foundation, The R.C. Musson and Katharine M. Musson Charitable Foundation, the Robert O. and Annamae Orr Family Foundation, and the Charles E. and Mabel M. Ritchie Foundation

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