Op Art Folders

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The Op Art movement is often associated with Julian Stanczak, whose first major show at the Martha Jackson Gallery in New York was called Julian Stanczak: Optical Paintings. His poetic works use repetition of line in constrained color palettes. Stanczak’s virtuoso linear paintings are a testament to craftsmanship. Attempting to lay down a grid with Washi tape, one gains an appreciation for the quality of the real works of art.


Solid color folder
Washi tape

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  1. Find a folder with a singular color.
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2. Explore the museum’s large holdings of Stanczak for inspiration. Once you’ve decided on a composition, pick thin washi tape for the best effect. Lay down the tape slowly so that you can keep the lines straight. Imagine painting so many lines!

3. Feel free to play with color and patterns. The final product is visually appealing AND useful.

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