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AAM Mad Libs Art & Ale Edition

Creatively fill in the list on the next page with whatever words you like, then transfer your list to the blanks in the story. Finally, read the story from start to finish and enjoy your silly creation!

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Great Moments in Art #038; Ale

by Theresa Bembnister, Associate CuratorIn anticipation of this Friday’s Art & Ale (get your tickets here), I’ve assembled this list of three instances where beer inspired artists to create remarkable works of art. Jasper Johns casts beer cans in bronze to spite fellow artistTitle: Painted Bronze/Ale CansMedium: Oil on bronzeYear: 1960According to the now legendary story, Willem de Kooning, a painter known for his large-scale, gestural canvases, badmouthed gallerist Leo Castelli, exclaiming the “son-of-a-bitch” could sell two beer cans as art. When word reached Jasper

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A Week In Denver Part Two: …and ALE

By: Corey Jenkins, Communication Volunteer/Visitor Services Those of you who read my previous blog know that I recently  spent a week in Denver, during which  I was fortunate enough to experience some of the city’s art offerings. The art was only part of the experience. This particular region of Colorado is home to several breweries, two of which I visited. My first night in Denver I was treated to dinner at the Breckenridge Brewery. Breckenridge is a microbrewery, and much like you might find at

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