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Ansel Adams

When Ansel Adams saw this particular moonrise, he sprung into action. He grabbed his camera, jumped on top of his car and, when he couldn’t find his handheld light meter, calculated the necessary exposure time in his head. Before he could take a second shot, the twilight was gone. Adams followed up on his speedy camerawork with painstaking, deliberate printing—trained as a pianist, he compared negatives to sheet music and prints to performances. He darkened the picture’s low tones to make the sky an inky

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Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico

Virtual Tour

Totally Radical: Art and Politics in the 1980s By Jeff Katzin, Curatorial Fellow When I started to pull together a list of artworks from the Akron Art Museum’s permanent collection for a show about art and American politics in the 1980s, I was amazed at what I found. A wide variety of our objects are directly connected to some of the decade’s biggest issues—the AIDS crisis, the intensifying feminist movement, ongoing calls for racial justice, struggles between corporations and labor unions, environmental preservation, and the

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Ken Heyman. Man on Scaffolding, AIDS Project, NYC, 1984. Gelatin silver print. Gift of Soraya Betterton 2010.220

Virginia W. Gore

A mustachioed man enters this scene from a shadowy door in the background. A puzzled look comes across his face as he realizes he is the only man in the room. The man is Raphael Gleitsmann, one of Akron’s most beloved artists. Gleitsmann is shown here in a drawing by his close friend and fellow artist Virginia W. Gore. Through quick linework and sketchy washes of ink, Gore suggests an environment of commotion in Gleitsmann’s studio, with the painter looking on helplessly as the women

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Édouard Boubat

“There are days when one walks around without getting a single photograph, without running into anything. …But there are other times when things are offered to me, like gifts. …But in order to seize that gift, one has to be prepared. If I am, and if my camera is there at the right moment, click, all I have to do is accept it.” —Édouard Boubat When this photo was taken in 1956 in the rural village of Sotoserrano, Spain, the country was still under the

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