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Try This: Photocollage Book

Photocollages are an easy way to add complex imagery to an artwork. What You Need photographs or printouts, markers, glue, and paper Try This

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Try This: Origami Book

This book looks complicated but is actually pretty simple. What you need Paper and glue Try This? You fold a series of folios and then glue them together. Watch the video to get a look at this process.

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Try This: Straw binding

This is one of the easiest forms of book binding. What you need Paper, straw, and string or raffia Try this? This is a simple way to make a book that mimics a stab binding.

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Try This: Stab Binding Books

Stab bindings are a traditional Japanese style of binding, in which the thread is visible outside the spine. What do you need? Paper, a top and bottom cover, folios, a punch, needle and strip Try this? This is an easy to do binding. Watch the video a couple times and then tackle your project.

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Try This: Simple Sketchbook

Need a book to keep your drawings. You probably have what you need at home to make one. What do you need? A folder, printer paper, string, and a needle. Try this? Making a simple book is easy. Use the tutorial to guide you. Here are some downloadable instructions, too.

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Try This: Accordian Books

This simple project is a great way to make a book using only your hands and paper.

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