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Relief Podcast 1: Care

This weekly podcast brings listeners joy and comfort for these uncertain times. The Akron Art Museum’s staff shares insights from their own lives combined with conversations about the collection and interviews with regional artists and musicians. Join us every Tuesday. Care This week the topic is Care. Seema and Gina share some of their thoughts about how care has changed in the context of Stay and Home. Deep Dive with Brian Bress Click to learn about Brian Bress’s 2019 solo show at the Akron Art

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An Interview with Brian Bress Pt. 3 & 4

In the third part of our interview, Brian discusses what makes his characters funny and the last thing he watched on TV. In our final installment, Brian tells us about his funniest moment making art and how he deals with claustrophobia.

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An Interview with Brian Bress Pt. 2

In part two of our interview, Brian Bress talks about planning his work and the basis of his characters.

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