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Try This: Drawing Together

Drawing without someone can make both of you better artists. What you need a writing utensil, paper, and a friend Try This? Enjoy drawing together

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Try This: Drawing Games

Playing with drawing can be enjoyable alone or with a friend. What You Need paper and a writing utensil Try This? Here are a few games to play.

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Try This: Draw Big and Small

If you really want to get good at drawing, you need to push yourself. Playing with scale is a good technique to change up your drawing practice. What do you need Drawing utensils and paper Try This? Push yourself to draw something huge and something tiny.

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Art on the Go: Preparatory Sketches

Explore how artists use drawing as a way of thinking out a composition. This video uses the examples of Christo and Claes Oldenburg.

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3-10-11 viewing the Christo artwork at the Akron Art Museum

Try This: Drawing Still Life

Drawing can be as easy and complicated as you choose it to be. Still Life is a good way to hone your skills. Set up something you can draw many times in different styles. Keep working until you’re happy with the results.

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Explore Raphael Gleitsmann’s Drawings

Gleitsmann’s drawings, made from life in Europe during World War II, show an amazing variety of lines. Learn More.

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Explore Drawing for Understanding

Look at how sculptors use drawing before making their final work.

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Drawing for Understanding

Explore the drawings of Claes Oldenburg and Christo.

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