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Make Your Own Museum Game

As a holiday gift, we’re passing on a free tile-laying game for 2 to 5 players. Players pull 15 tiles from a bowl of tiles. The first person to be rid of all their tiles, wins. Download and print the game on hard stock. On their turn, each player adds a tile: Marble floors connect to marble floors. Wood floors connect to wood floors. Floors cannot go through walls. If you can’t make a move, you need to pull a tile.

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Akron Art Museum at Home

Try This: Lanterns

Decorative arts, unlike sculptures, are meant to be useful and beautiful. These lantern projects are a perfect way to keep your creative output close by.

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Explore El Anatsui’s Dzesi II

Look closely at Dzesi II from 2006 by Emmanuel Kwami  Anatsui. (Purchased, by exchange, with funds from Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Reed II, 2006.25). Learn More.

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Hanging Sculpture

Try This: Animal Collages

Animals are a perennial source of inspiration. While drawing is one way to depict creatures, collage or sculpture can expand your creativity. What do you need? Scissors, glue, paper, and/or cardboard. Try this? Cut shapes from paper and/or cardboard. Challenge yourself to create an abstracted figure from these pieces. Glue your shapes onto a background. You can add a few details with a marker at the end.

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Lee Bontecou’s Untitled

Explore Lee Bontecou’s mixed media relief sculpture from 1966 (Gift of Leo Castelli, Castelli Galleries, 1974.122). Learn More.

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George G. Adomeit’s First Snow

Stay warm while you explore this snowy scene from home by George Gustav Adomeit, (Memel, Germany, 1879 – 1967, Cleveland, Ohio). First Snow from 1933 is a Linocut on paper (Gift of Dr. Roy G. Pearce, 1947.8)

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La Wilson’s Homage to Jackson Pollock I

Enjoy the many surprising and delightful details in La Wilson’s 1980 assemblage Homage to Jackson Pollock I by 1980 (Purchased, by exchange, with funds from Mrs. William B. Haynes, 2006.35) Learn more.

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Lola Isroff’s Cat on a Windowsill

Imagine yourself in this scene created by regional artist, Lola Isroff. Her Cat on a Windowsill from 1950 is watercolor and acrylic on paper. (Bequest of the artist, 2001.35) Explore more.

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Art on the Go: Yinka Shonibare’s Dollhouse

Explore this dollhouse made by British artist Yinka Shonibare.

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Try This: Abstract Figurative Sculptures

Many artists choose to make their sculptures abstract, rather than realistic. When you have fewer details, everything you include takes on greater importance. Try your hands at making simple sculptures. How much personality can you put into your abstract figurative sculpture?

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