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A Look Back Into the Archives: The Inverted Q

By Mandy Tomasik, KSU library and information science practicum studentThis post is brought to you by the letter Q.  Claes Oldenburg’s Inverted Q, to be exact.  While perhaps one of the most recognizable pieces in the museum, I don’t think that many people know the story of how the Inverted Q came to be and its inextricable ties to Akron.Oldenburg was exploring the idea of colossal letters in various monumental situations.  While working out the possibilities of a giant Q situated in a landscape, the

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The Q Is Blue!

By Corey Jenkins, Communications Intern One of the first things visitors to the museum see is Claes Oldenburg’s bright pink sculpture Inverted Q. However if you are Vincent van Gogh, who one vision expert believes suffered from “protanopia,” the Q would appear to be blue. The Chromatic Vision Simulator app for iOS/Android was developed by Japanese vision expert, Kazunori Asad. After viewing some of Van Gogh’s pieces in an exhibition where the lighting and environment was designed to display pieces the way a colorblind person

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