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Relief Podcast: Move

This monthly podcast brings listeners joy and comfort to their day. The Akron Art Museum’s staff shares insights from their own lives combined with conversations about the collection and interviews with regional artists and musicians. Join us the first Friday of every month at noon. LISTEN NOW! Move Gina talks about movement with Stephanie Petcavage, Collections Manager and Exhibition Registrar. Deep Dive with Sloane Sloane explores Honoré Guilbeau’s lithograph, For Art’s Sake. Shop Talk with Benedict Scheuer Relief Podcast Music Jordan King is a multi-instrumentalist

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Morning Train

As a prominent participant in the Regionalist movement, Thomas Hart Benson portrayed scenes of rural America in a manner that appears visually stylized yet reflective of everyday reality. background. Her bent pose is unusual and it is unclear why she has her hands clasped behind her head. Is she injured? Is she trying to take off her dress?

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To Uncertainty

Honoré Guilbeau had early aspirations as a dancer, but soon after enrolling in classes at the Art Institute of Chicago, she shifted her focus to printmaking. Her thoughts were never far from dancing however, and she often featured dancers and theater scenes in her works. In this print, the three dancers and their movements appear somewhat enigmatic. Their forms seem to emerge from the same core, yet they have separate upper bodies. Or, the figures could all represent the same dancer at different moments in

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