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2014 Highlights

By Mark Masuoka, Executive Director and CEO2014 has been a year in which we sought to connect the energy that drives great art to that which drives our great city: the energy of ideas. In every exhibition, program, event, and conversation, we strove to stimulate ideas and encouraged everyone to look at what they already do in a new light, and to recognize the ways in which we all Live Creative. What follows is a brief recounting of what we did to Live Creative, to reach out to

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Community Conversations: Shifting the Cultural Landscape

By Mark Masuoka, Executive Director and CEO But I’m not creative.I don’t have a creative bone in my body.I can’t even draw a straight line.These statements are commonly overheard the moment we propose an art (creative) activity.  Whether it be signing up for an art class or just sitting in a meeting and being asking to think “outside of the box”, these apprehensive statements reflect a larger social context beyond the  “fear of the unknown”. It points to how people perceive the truth about what is

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