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Making Your Mark

Realism is often a sticking point for viewers. “My kid can do that” is a refrain heard in many galleries. Working artists usually have a well-honed ability to render life realistically, but some of them choose to diverge from that representational approach. Seemingly simple works, bare squiggles on paper, require incredible control of a brush or careful cajoling of a monoprint plate. The new exhibition Making Your Mark offers a panoply of fine craftsmanship. Included are works by nine regional artists, individuals employing their craft

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Relief Podcast Episode 5: Mark-Making

This weekly podcast brings listeners joy and comfort for these uncertain times. The Akron Art Museum’s staff shares insights from their own lives combined with conversations about the collection and interviews with regional artists and musicians. Join us every Tuesday. Mark-Making This week the topic is Mark-Making. Seema and Gina talk about the various kinds of marks they’re making with during this time and how artists use mark-making in their practice. Deep Dive with Reggie: Elmer Novotny Shop Talk with Maria Alejandra Zanetta Maria Alejandra

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