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Research Mysteries from Quarantine: Part 1

By Jeff Katzin, Curatorial Fellow COVID-19 has disrupted human life on every level, and museums are no exception. During these strange and difficult times, Akron Art Museum staff have ably adapted to all sorts of new roles while working remotely. One of our highest priorities has been to stay connected with our community, even if social distancing means that we have to lean on our online presence more than our physical galleries. To this end, we’ve rolled out a new website, debuted a podcast, sent

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A cream tinted road enters from the left foreground and is positioned diagonally in the composition. An abstracted vehicle, reduced to two colors and simplified shapes, travels up its surface. On the left side of the road is a string of houses which are wedged in space. The roof and outside of the walls of the buildings are painted with an array of colors including sapphire, crimson, lime green, violet, and burnt orange. A soft fade disseminated across the surface of the buildings like a wash.Two stylized figures walk in either direction on the sidewalk. In the background is a church that transcends the buildings in front of it. A prism with two levels extends from its front with supports fixed to the corners. The roof is violet and the wall color is sandy.