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To Uncertainty

Honoré Guilbeau had early aspirations as a dancer, but soon after enrolling in classes at the Art Institute of Chicago, she shifted her focus to printmaking. Her thoughts were never far from dancing however, and she often featured dancers and theater scenes in her works. In this print, the three dancers and their movements appear somewhat enigmatic. Their forms seem to emerge from the same core, yet they have separate upper bodies. Or, the figures could all represent the same dancer at different moments in

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Try This: Potato Prints

Potato Prints are easy to make at home.

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Try This: Geometric Relief Prints

Explore pattern with this easy print project. What You Need Hot glue, cardboard, ink, paper Try this?

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Try This: Easy Monoprints

Monoprints are simple prints where you paint on the surface. What You Need a plastic folder or baking sheet, ink, a q-tip, and paper Try this?

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gold colored monoprint on paper next to monoprint plate

Try This: Hot Glue Relief Prints

Printmaking at home just requires a little ingenuity. Here is an easy printmaking project. What You Need cardboard, ink, paper, hot glue Try this? Work slowly so you don’t burn yourself.

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relief print of whale from hot glue and plate

Try This: Vinyl Decal Callograph

Vinyl is durable and easy to cut. It makes for an easy way to do repetitive patterns. What You Need cardboard, vinyl, ink, a roller, paper Try this?

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Try This: Cardboard Stamps

Rolled up cardboard can make an interesting artmaking tool. What Do You Need cardboard, hot glue, paper, and ink Try this? Glue the stamps. Let dry. Dip in ink or acrylic

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Try This: Linocuts

Linocut prints are a relief print technique that allows artists to make multiple images from the same plate. What you need: Linoleum block, a linocut tool, ink, paper, and a burren Try this? You can play around with your image before cutting. Remember you need to reverse your image in your plate.

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Try This: Lego Prints

Printing often uses specialized tools. But lego can be used to make a printmaking plates. What You Need legos, paper, printmaking ink (linocut ink), and a roller Try this? This is an easy press-free printmaking process.

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Try This: Bubblewrap Monoprint

Monoprints are simple. You add color to a flat surface, and then apply that surface to the paper. Unlike other prints, you can only print the ‘plate’ once or twice. Bubblewrap as the plate adds another layer of texture to your print.

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