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Try This: Kintsukuroi

Repairs can be beautiful if you try this Japanese traditional craft.

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Try This: Potato Prints

Potato Prints are easy to make at home.

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Try This: Geometric Relief Prints

Explore pattern with this easy print project. What You Need Hot glue, cardboard, ink, paper Try this?

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Try This: Easy Monoprints

Monoprints are simple prints where you paint on the surface. What You Need a plastic folder or baking sheet, ink, a q-tip, and paper Try this?

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gold colored monoprint on paper next to monoprint plate

Try This: Hot Glue Relief Prints

Printmaking at home just requires a little ingenuity. Here is an easy printmaking project. What You Need cardboard, ink, paper, hot glue Try this? Work slowly so you don’t burn yourself.

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relief print of whale from hot glue and plate

Try This: Photocollage Book

Photocollages are an easy way to add complex imagery to an artwork. What You Need photographs or printouts, markers, glue, and paper Try This

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Try This: Shadow Puppet Theater

Light and shadow turn paper into magic What You Need Paper glue, scissors, and a box Try This?

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Try This: Mini-Stabiles

Stabiles are standing kinetic sculptures. Many artists make stabiles that are large. What You Need pipe cleaner, tape, paper, scissors, and clothes pins Try This?

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Try This: Paper Dolls

Puppets are an easy toy to make at home. What You Need paper, scissors, and brads Try this?

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Try This: Vinyl Decal Callograph

Vinyl is durable and easy to cut. It makes for an easy way to do repetitive patterns. What You Need cardboard, vinyl, ink, a roller, paper Try this?

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