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Inscribed Books at the Akron Art Museum

by Stefanie Hilles, Education AssistantImagine this. You visit the Akron Art Museum and fall in love under the “roof cloud” (the museum’s 327 foot long steel cantilever that joins the old 1899 post office building with the new 2007 Coop Himmelb(l)au structure). No, not with some beautiful stranger you exchange eye contact with across the museum’s lobby (although that would be pretty exciting too). Instead, you fall in love with a beautiful artwork. Maybe you’re a fan of American Impressionism and succumb to the charms

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Digital Media Tour

Do you have a blog or active Twitter account devoted to the arts or activities in Northeast Ohio? Thursday, August 22 at 6 pm If so, we would like to invite you to attend the Akron Art Museum’s first-ever Digital Media Tour. Focusing on Real/Surreal, this tour led by Chief Curator Janice Driesbach explores many themes of realist and surrealist art in American from the 1920s-1950s. Learn how artists balanced the real and unreal, created fantasy/dreamlike images with unique materials, and dealt with the tumultuous

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This is Real! Installing Real/Surreal at the Akron Art Museum

By: Liz Carney, Curatorial Assistant Have you ever wondered what happens behind closed gallery doors when the museum is changing its exhibitions? Lots of work goes into installing an exhibition. Most importantly, it takes a lot of time and care to take works of art from their crates to the gallery walls. Each artwork comes in its own travel frame, which is specially padded and shaped to fit it. Paintings are usually bolted to the bottom of their travel frames to keep them from shifting

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Preparing for Real/Surreal

By: Janice Driesbach, Chief Curator This week, painters came in to work on one of the galleries where we are installing Real/Surreal , changing the walls from white to dark blue and gray.  For much of the past month, Joe Walton (our Chief Preparator and Exhibition Designer) and Chris Ross (Preparator) have been working with curators to determine the design of our installation. Part of that process involves painting color samples and placing them in a ½-inch scale model of the museum’s galleries.  This allows

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Real/Surreal is Coming Soon

By: Janice Driesbach, Chief Curator It’s just over four weeks before Real/Surreal opens and Akron Art Museum curatorial, education and design staff have been planning the installation for  months. Although the exhibition is organized by the Whitney Museum of American Art, we are personalizing it for our Akron visitors. Our efforts respond to input we received from our constituents in surveys and a focus group last fall.  We learned our visitors are interested in knowing about the historic context in which the artists were working,

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