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Try This: Kintsukuroi

Repairs can be beautiful if you try this Japanese traditional craft.

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Try This: Lanterns

Decorative arts, unlike sculptures, are meant to be useful and beautiful. These lantern projects are a perfect way to keep your creative output close by.

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Try This: Abstract Sculptures

Challenge yourself to turn regular household materials into a sculpture. Make something you find beautiful. What do you need? Pick just one media, like a plastic folder. Try this? Use your imagination to manipulate it to create a 3-D form. Or, put together only two forms, like paper straws and pipe cleaners. As you work, think about how your sculpture looks from all angles. Pick up your sculpture so you look at the forms from a different angle.

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Try This: Animal Collages

Animals are a perennial source of inspiration. While drawing is one way to depict creatures, collage or sculpture can expand your creativity. What do you need? Scissors, glue, paper, and/or cardboard. Try this? Cut shapes from paper and/or cardboard. Challenge yourself to create an abstracted figure from these pieces. Glue your shapes onto a background. You can add a few details with a marker at the end.

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Try This: Potato Prints

Potato Prints are easy to make at home.

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Try This: Geometric Relief Prints

Explore pattern with this easy print project. What You Need Hot glue, cardboard, ink, paper Try this?

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Try This: Easy Monoprints

Monoprints are simple prints where you paint on the surface. What You Need a plastic folder or baking sheet, ink, a q-tip, and paper Try this?

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gold colored monoprint on paper next to monoprint plate

Try This: Hot Glue Relief Prints

Printmaking at home just requires a little ingenuity. Here is an easy printmaking project. What You Need cardboard, ink, paper, hot glue Try this? Work slowly so you don’t burn yourself.

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relief print of whale from hot glue and plate

Try This: Shadow Puppet Theater

Light and shadow turn paper into magic What You Need Paper glue, scissors, and a box Try This?

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Try This: Mini-Stabiles

Stabiles are standing kinetic sculptures. Many artists make stabiles that are large. What You Need pipe cleaner, tape, paper, scissors, and clothes pins Try This?

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