Up Close with Making Your Mark

The special exhibition Making Your Mark celebrates the power of surface and craftsmanship in authentic works of art. While these aspects of art are better appreciated in real life, the digital does allow viewers to get closer than you can in the galleries.

Omid Shekari’s detailed drawings are set off by glistening, textural passages. Upon close inspection one sees the surface is composed of metal shavings. Shekari grinds shell casings with a grinder before applying the metal to his drawings.

Detail of Can’t go, 2019. Omid Shekari (Iranian, born 1986, Damavand, Iran). Ink, gouache, powdered bullet shells on paper. Collection of the artist
Installation view of Shekari’s work alongside his grinder.

Erykah Townsend uses modge podge to create her composition. The pixelated still life is composed of squares, each denoted with a letter/ number combinator denoting the color.

Detail of Holographic Meatloaf: (Crayola Box 8) Brown= S16, Red= S34, Orange= S04, Yellow= S27, Green=S20, Blue= S11, Purple=S22, Black= S13, Keep Blank= S01, 2019. Erykah Townsend, (American, born 1997, Cleveland, Ohio). Printed paper, collage paste, acrylic, fiber paste. Collection of the artist
Installation view of Townsend’s work

Wilhelm photographed slips of paper in her studio and then employed a lithographic process to create this pair of prints. Seen up close, the view can catch snippets of text written in the artist’s fluid script.

Detail of Other As Identity, 2017. Rebekah Wilhelm (American, born 1986, Cleveland, Ohio). Algraphy lithographic print. Collection of the artist
Installation view of Wilhelm’s work