What’s your print profile?


What’s your print profile?
A. I like to get messy. There’s nothing more fun than inking up a plate and rolling it through the press.

B. I love to absorb information from print experts. Sitting in a dark room, sipping a beer and taking in a slide talk is my idea of a dream date.

C. I love getting to know artists and acquiring new art. I love seeing artists in action and picking their brains.

If you answered:
A you’re a printmaker
B you’re a connoisseur
C you’re a collector
Whether you’re a printmaker, connoisseur or collector, the Akron Art Museum has plenty of print programs that will appeal to you. Stop by the museum Thursday, December 12 at 6:30 pm as we kick things off with an art talk and print mixer that will appeal to all you A, B and C’s out there.
What’s a print mixer? Is it an event for single artists? Not quite. An open portfolio night is an opportunity for printmakers to present and sometimes even sell their work. Students from the University of Akron’s Myers School of Art, Kent State University, Youngstown State University and the Cleveland Institute of Art as well local artists will cover tables throughout the museum’s lobby with their work.  Similar events take place at printmaking conferences across the country, allowing many artists to display their work and an even broader audience to view the presented work, enabling discussion and discourse.
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