Collection Highlights: Recent Acquisitions

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George Segal Untitled

Chalk pastel drawing on wove paper

Paul O'Keeffe In Memoriam (In That Moment)

Steel, Plexiglas, UltraCal plaster, medium-density fibreboard, fabric, and Flashe paint

Julian Stanczak Intravert I

Acrylic and oil on canvas

Sam Gilliam Red Lady

Relief printing and etching on double-couched Upper US Paper Mill handmade

vanessa german Love Poem for Lil Kim

Rose quartz for deep love and healing, pink tennis shoe key chains, wood, a nap, paint, cloth, heartbreak, love, love, love, love, love, shame and it’s opposite, deep love, true love, real love, whole love, forgiveness, cowrie shells, clear quartz, wire, Astro turf, hate, rage, shame, light, too many broken noses, time, the 90’s, memories, the love that no one can ever take away from you, the 80’s rap music scene, magic, safety, bamboo earrings, beaded trim, pot metal birds, the death of several of your friends and no real way to process it in the public, locks and keys, glass bottles, do whatever you want to do you are free, colorism, amethyst, love, love, love, wholeness, blind spot mirror, yes, love and resistance, justice.

Lori Kella Eroding Shoreline

Digital chromogenic print on paper

Mariette Pathy Allen Sherry

Vintage dye transfer print

Sam Gilliam Pink Horse Shoes

Serigraph, flocking, and glitter on Arches Cover Paper with clothes hanger

Alan J. Shields Simple Snow

Relief printing, lithography, serigraph, vegetable printing, embossing and stitching on paper

Sam Gilliam Sam Senior

Serigraph on Morilla AP etching paper

Tabor Robak Free-to-Play Lite

4-channel HD video, networked media players, original software

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