Michael Loderstedt


(Plainfield, New Jersey, 1958 - )


Screenprint paper

Collection of the Akron Art Museum

Gift of the artist

2012.96 a-d

More Information

For a number of the projects he has undertaken, including his book 'Landings' and 'Schiff geschicte' (a print and three-dimensional paper work), Michael Loderstedt has conducted substantial historical research that informs his images. 'HausBuch(e) Projekt, 100 JahreHellerau' from his residency at the Grafikwerkstett-Dresden in Germany, likewise demonstrates Loderstedt’s interest in responding to a place and its history. The 'HausBuch(e)' prints were inspired by the centennial anniversary of Hellerau, which is located near Dresden and was one of Germany’s first garden cities. Loderstedt’s images, which are double-sided and can be cut out and folded into small models of German-style houses, are based on architecturally-significant homes designed by prominent German architects who were engaged in creating this early planned community. Glimpses within the models reveal brilliantly-colored wallpaper, while outer details, such as shingles, are rendered in muted tones. When on display in Hellerau and in subsequent exhibitions, assembled and flat versions of the houses were suspended from the ceilings and draped with string. 'HausBuch(e)' was published by Groveland Press (Loderstedt’s home studio) and the screen prints were printed on both sides on Stonehenge paper with Union acrylic inks.