10 Ways to Add Fun and Games to Your Week Thanks to Museums

Constructive downtime is one of the best ways to recharge. Solving puzzles and clues helps you keep the gears turning while turning off from work stresses.

Crossword Puzzle
  Word Find
  Animal Crossing
Art Bingo

Playing with others can turn a dreary evening into a memorable one. The museum has some downloadable games and online experiences to enjoy together.

GameFest Akron is our annual celebration of play. It’s moving online this year with many indie video games that can be fun for the whole family.

In November, there will be fun programs to enjoy together. A virtual arcade offers games to play, and opportunities to watch as game designers showcase the ins and outs of their games. Each day, there are game-inspired events for those of all ages to enjoy like a Q & A with the professionals, a Family Game Night, a Virtual Trivia Happy Hour, and more!

The website has many museum games. The Drawing Game, for example, can be played in a group. The downloadable Build Your Own Museum game can make for an enjoyable family game night.

For some entertainment to enjoy as an individual, have some fun with Museum Mad Libs or a Buzzfeed Quiz!

AAM Art Project: Fill in all of the blanks and plug them into the text. This Museum Mad Libs game allows participants to creatively complete their own, unique story. With this game, find out if your imaginary art project would look good enough to hang on the Museum’s walls.

What AAM Artwork Best Describes Your Personality?”: Take this Buzzfeed personality quiz, and answer some fun, collection-related questions to find out what AAM artwork best describes your personality.