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Kitchen Lithography

This project might take a couple tries. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll really enjoy your results. Steps: Tape aluminum foil to cardboard. Use flat cardboard, like chipboard, instead of corrugated cardboard. Use wet, fine sandpaper to sand the foil. Apply vinegar to wipe the surface. Draw an image with a crayon. Pour soda on the image. Pour a small amount of vegetable oil on the surface and buff surface with a sponge. Use a different sponge to wipe the plate with

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Educator Resources

MOMA Artful Practices for Well-Being National Gallery of Art Guided MeditationChilde HassamAlma Thomas National Gallery of Art Reflection General Art Education You Tube PBS The Art Assignment The Art Assignment is a weekly PBS Digital Studios production hosted by curator Sarah Urist Green. We explore art and art history through the lens of things happening today. Check for new episodes every other Thursday! The Arty Teacher Art Resources MOMA K-12 Educator Resources Arts Edge Various Lessons Google Arts and Culture AppThis amazing site is constantly

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An Interview with Brian Bress Pt. 3 & 4

In the third part of our interview, Brian discusses what makes his characters funny and the last thing he watched on TV. In our final installment, Brian tells us about his funniest moment making art and how he deals with claustrophobia.

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A Conversation with Erin Guido & John Paul Costello

Erin Guido creates brightly colored dynamic shape and text murals often found in surprising places, like abandoned buildings, offering friendly encouragement as they declare “come over all the time” or “hi.” With the help of carpenter John Paul Costello, Guido’s works became durable, movable pieces, such as “How Are You Feeling Today?” a large sculpture that asks visitors to dial in their emotions. How are you feeling today?EG: I am feeling pretty good today!JP: Today as with most days lately I’m feeling a bit stressed

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A Conversation with Please Touch Artist Jay Croft

Interview conducted by Alison Caplan, Akron Art Museum Director of Education Inspired by skateboarding and D.I.Y. culture, Jay Croft’s illustrations have donned skateboard decks, his zine Street Canoe, and most recently, a mural at Chill Ice Cream. Can you talk about being a parent and an artist? It’s the best thing ever! I love it. My kids are always drawing and making stuff. We definitely encourage them to create. Our house is filled with all types of markers, paint, papers, and glue. I encourage them

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This Land Is Your Land… (Finding Photographs on the Run) Part 2 of 2

Editor’s note: Akron Art Museum board member Sue Klein has visited—and photographed—every single one of the national parks. She wrote the following account of her journeys for the Garden Club of America’s Focus magazine. The GCA generously granted permission to republish Klein’s article in conjunction with Our Land, an exhibition of photographs of areas under the management of the National Park Service. Organized in celebration of the centennial anniversary of the NPS, Our Land is on display through February 12, 2017 in the Fred and

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