Serial Intent

Karl and Bertl Arnstein Galleries
June 3, 2017 - September 10, 2017

Serial Intent is a captivating exploration of the results of part of the artist’s process. It’s the type of show that will seem a little different every time you go back and visit."—Anderson Turner, Akron Beacon Journal

Artists sometimes create works of art that are meant to be viewed on their own as individual masterpieces. However, they sometimes create with Serial Intent, using multiple related artworks to address a bigger idea. With Pop Art prints, dramatic photographic series, evocative narratives, and more, the Akron Art Museum’s exhibition Serial Intent offers visitors the rare opportunity to experience multi-part artwork within the serial contexts intended by the artists who created them. With few exceptions, all artwork in Serial Intent comes from the collection of the Akron Art Museum. Artwork by the following artists is included in the exhibition: Vito Acconci Nicholas Africano Dieter Appelt Jennifer Bartlett Karl Blossfeldt Bruce Checefsky Jenny Holzer Robert Indiana Lori Kella William Kentridge Hendrik Kerstens Barbara Kruger Jacob Lawrence Sol LeWitt Michael Loderstedt and Craig Lucas Judith K. McMillan Duane Michals Richard Misrach Eadweard Muybridge Nam June Paik Robert Rauschenberg Sam Richardson Lorna Simpson Ralph Steiner Andy Warhol Bryn Zellers Ohio Arts Council logo Serial Intent is organized by the Akron Art Museum and supported by the Ohio Arts Council. Related Links:Art review: Multipart works on exhibit in ‘Serial Intent’ at Akron Art Museum, by Anderson Turner, Akron Beacon Journal ]