How To: No-Sew Lavender Eye Pillow

By Amanda Crowe, Assistant Educator
Follow-up to Creative Playdate: Yoga for the Young

Help your child relax while crafting this simple no-sew lavender eye pillow.
1 tube sock cut down to 10 inches long (cut off foot portion and elastic band near knee)
1 cup dried lavender flowers or 6 drops essential lavender oil
1 ½ cups buckwheat hulls or uncooked rice

  1. Close the sock at one end by typing with a ribbon.
  2. Fill the sock with the lavender and buckwheat hull filler, allowing enough room to close the other end of the sock with a neatly tied ribbon.
  3. Now, snuggle up in your favorite cozy place and relax with the eye pillow across your forehead while listening to music or a good book.

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