How To: Plastic Bag Fabric

Inspired by Untitled by Alvin Demar Loving Jr.

Making fabric out from plastic bags.
Making fabric out from plastic bags.


Plastic bags (variety of colors, patterns)
Parchment paper


Sewing machine


1. Collect plastic shopping bags. Look for interesting colors, patterns and designs.

2. Cut the plastic bags into shapes. Holding the bag taught makes it easier to cut.

3. Layer the cut pieces onto a larger shape of plastic bags. Create at least 6 layers but the more layers there are, the stronger the fabric will be.

4. Sandwich the layers between pieces of parchment paper.

5. Use a dry iron and press the layers together until they melt and fuse.


Make your fabric into a one-of-a-kind envelope with instructions at http://www.youaremyfave.com/2013/07/17/a-fused-plastic-bag-envelope-is-my-fave/.

Layout of fabric made from plastic bags,
Layout of fabric made from plastic bags.

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