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Up Close with Making Your Mark

The special exhibition Making Your Mark celebrates the power of surface and craftsmanship in authentic works of art. While these aspects of art are better appreciated in real life, the digital does allow viewers to get closer than you can in the galleries. Omid Shekari’s detailed drawings are set off by glistening, textural passages. Upon close inspection one sees the surface is composed of metal shavings. Shekari grinds shell casings with a grinder before applying the metal to his drawings. Erykah Townsend uses modge podge

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Making Your Mark

Realism is often a sticking point for viewers. “My kid can do that” is a refrain heard in many galleries. Working artists usually have a well-honed ability to render life realistically, but some of them choose to diverge from that representational approach. Seemingly simple works, bare squiggles on paper, require incredible control of a brush or careful cajoling of a monoprint plate. The new exhibition Making Your Mark offers a panoply of fine craftsmanship. Included are works by nine regional artists, individuals employing their craft

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