Update: Akron Art Museum Executive Director Search

Akron – The board of directors of the Akron Art Museum has unanimously approved the extension of current Interim Executive Director Jon Fiume’s term for the next two years.

The board felt strongly that stability of the organization and a continued and consistent focus on the Museum’s Transformation Plan was of the utmost importance. Fiume has been responsible for leading the Museum along that path since he took on the role of Interim Director in May 2020 and has proven to both board and staff that he has made significant steps to improve the organizational culture internally and rebuild public trust. Curator of Community Engagement, Reggie Lynch stated, “Over the last year, Jon has put full faith in the staff to work together to build an open and collaborative workplace where creativity can thrive. Keeping that stability and trust going forward will be crucial to the continual growth of the Museum and I’m excited to see what we can do together.” 

“We knew that, most importantly, we needed to listen to the staff,” Dr. Drew Engles, president of the Museum’s board added. “They made it clear through both an employee satisfaction survey and direct feedback that they are extremely satisfied with Jon’s leadership and the significant progress he’s been able to make.”