10 Ways Studio Projects can help expand your horizons

Making art is a chance to express yourself, relax, and expand your horizons. We have many resources to help you explore a new medium, hone your skills, or learn from a master.

Many families are finding themselves as art teachers with kids learning from home. For those who have day jobs that don’t involve scissors and paste, coming up with projects for your young ones can feel daunting. Akron Art Museums creativity kits are free art supply kits available to families who visit the museum. We have easy projects associated with the kits available on the site.

Art can help young ones, especially those under reading age, to express themselves. This project can help families make a “movie.

  Making books is a great way to create handmade presents. We have many easy bookmaking tutorials.

  The Akron Art Mail installation features community made postcards, along with commissioned ones. Printmaking can be an easy way to make a postcard. Try the home printmaking tutorials online. Once you’re finished with your masterpiece, mail your card in.

Drawing better might be on your to do list. We believe everyone can make beautiful marks. We have many resources to help you gain confidence in your abilities. Drawing Day.

 Water can be an artmaking tool, and it’s pretty easy to get your hands on. Explore some of the water related artmaking projects. Art of Water.

Silverpoint is a specialized drawing technique. It uses simple materials, like metal and gesso, to make ethereal drawings. Learn more.

Silkscreens are fun to make. You can do them many different ways, including using a paper mask, cutting a vinyl stencil, or using drawing fluid. Even if you don’t have the tools at home, it’s worth watching how they’re made.

Abstract sculptures are easy to make from tools you have at home. You can make them with folders, straws, or paper, to name a few materials. If you make something you love, share it on social media and tag @akronartmuseum so we can revel in your creativity. Dog Days of Summer.

Keep coming back to our studio projects throughout the year. We have projects at our For Families section of the website and also in the Studio Hours section of AAM at Home.

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