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10 Ways Studio Projects can help expand your horizons

Making art is a chance to express yourself, relax, and expand your horizons. We have many resources to help you explore a new medium, hone your skills, or learn from a master. Many families are finding themselves as art teachers with kids learning from home. For those who have day jobs that don’t involve scissors and paste, coming up with projects for your young ones can feel daunting. Akron Art Museums creativity kits are free art supply kits available to families who visit the museum.

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10 Ways to Let Art Inspire Your Next Meal

Food can be one of the great pleasures of life. Artists have celebrated food and drink, sometimes documenting works and sometimes using food as a metaphor. All forms of art in the Museum’s collection served as inspiration for staff cooks this year in the series Cooking with the Collection. Here are 10 food recipes and related collection items to try out at home and explore:  Collection Inspired Recipes When you have a sweet tooth, this Strawberry Buttercream recipe will certainly satisfy it. Inspired by Claes

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10 Ways to Add Fun and Games to Your Week Thanks to Museums

Constructive downtime is one of the best ways to recharge. Solving puzzles and clues helps you keep the gears turning while turning off from work stresses. Crossword Puzzle  Sudoku   Word Find   Animal Crossing Art Bingo Playing with others can turn a dreary evening into a memorable one. The museum has some downloadable games and online experiences to enjoy together. GameFest Akron is our annual celebration of play. It’s moving online this year with many indie video games that can be fun for the

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10 Ways to Connect with Local Artists

Artists live and work in every community. Local galleries and art schools are great ways to find the best of your regional art scenes. Northeast Ohio has many wonderful arts spaces, such as  Rubber City Print, Akron Soul Train, Summit Art Space, and many more in our neighbors to the North, Cleveland. We’ve also enjoyed sharing our physical and digital spaces with regional artists since March and will continue to do so throughout 2021.  Here are some local artists experiences to enjoy: Two on-site exhibitions

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10 Ways to Explore Art

Many of us might feel a little out of sorts when faced with trying to understand modern and contemporary art. A little bit of knowledge can go a long way. Knowing about the artist’s motivation or the quality of the technique might make you think differently. Sometimes just looking closely at the details in the work can grow your appreciation. If nothing else, these short experiences are a nice diversion.  Here are ten bite-sized nuggets of info to give you something to think about when

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10 Reasons why visiting a museum is what you need to finish 2020 strong

This week, we’ll share some ideas for why exploring art in real life is good for the body and soul:  Museums are some of the safest social spaces to explore with your family during the pandemic. They are spaces you experience in motion, so you’re not breathing in shared air for long periods of time. Most museums have high quality HVAC, so the air has been treated. Museums are easy to enjoy on your own or in small family groups. When you need a place

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