10 Ways to Add Fun and Games to Your Week Thanks to Museums

Constructive downtime is one of the best ways to recharge. Solving puzzles and clues helps you keep the gears turning while turning off from work stresses.

Crossword Puzzle
  Word Find
  Animal Crossing
Art Bingo

Playing with others can turn a dreary evening into a memorable one. The museum has some downloadable games and online experiences to enjoy together.

GameFest Akron is our annual celebration of play. It’s moving online this year with many indie video games that can be fun for the whole family.

In November, there will be fun programs to enjoy together. A virtual arcade offers games to play, and opportunities to watch as game designers showcase the ins and outs of their games. Each day, there are game-inspired events for those of all ages to enjoy like a Q & A with the professionals, a Family Game Night, a Virtual Trivia Happy Hour, and more!

The website has many museum games. The Drawing Game, for example, can be played in a group. The downloadable Build Your Own Museum game can make for an enjoyable family game night.

For some entertainment to enjoy as an individual, have some fun with Museum Mad Libs or a Buzzfeed Quiz!

AAM Art Project: Fill in all of the blanks and plug them into the text. This Museum Mad Libs game allows participants to creatively complete their own, unique story. With this game, find out if your imaginary art project would look good enough to hang on the Museum’s walls.

What AAM Artwork Best Describes Your Personality?”: Take this Buzzfeed personality quiz, and answer some fun, collection-related questions to find out what AAM artwork best describes your personality.

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Try This: Pipecleaner Prints

Pipecleaners can make an interesting repeat geometric pattern for prints.

What You Need: paper, cardboard, pipecleaners, and ink

Try this?

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Jennifer Doty

Jennifer Doty is a student at Kent State University majoring in Computer Design, Game Design and Animation. She currently is the animation lead in the Animation and Game Design Club at Kent. She tries to participate in all the game jams available and has her own side business selling stickers and art. Jen strives to become great at rigging characters and 3D modeling. Her favorite animal is frogs which she likes to include in a lot of her art!

Read more about Jennifer here.

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Megan Gyorki

Megan Gyorki is a student within the Computer design, Animation, and Game design major at Kent State University. She is also a freelance illustrator who specializes in portraiture. Megan has worked for Kent State University as an operations technician for the University’s servers and hopes to pursue a career within the games industry for character design. Her interests include Nintendo games, strength training, and cute animals.

Read more about Megan here.

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Sam Hundley

Sam Hundley is a senior Computer Design, Animation and Game Design student at Kent State University. He has worked as an animator at Pie For Breakfast Studios, as well as a Freelance 2D artist. He hopes to graduate and work as a character designer and concept artist. His interests include tabletop games, history, and political science.

Read more about Sam here.

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Maxwell Kunze

Max Kunze is currently a Junior Computer Design & Animation Student at Kent State University. Max has always loved video games and their surrounding culture. His passion for making his own games was sparked in the summer of 2014 when he debuted “Go Fast: A Sanic Adventure”, a rage inducing video game based on the “Sanic” meme. In all seriousness, he made the game in less than 24 hours, to entertain himself while on the road home from Northern Tier. While it started off as a joke, the game gained a fairly significant amount of attention. Ever since, Max has worked towards a career in game development and he still believes that memes serve an important purpose in video games.

Read more about Max here.

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Nina Marotta

Nina Marotta is a senior computer design, animation and game design major at Kent State University. She has worked as a graphic designer for the KSU Public Safety Department, as well as a freelance 2D digital artist. She is interested in level design and environmental art, with a particular interest in both stealth games and brutalist architecture.

Read more about Nina here.

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Titus Morrison

Titus Morrison is a student of animation and game design at Kent State University. He enjoys all aspects of game creation, but so far specializes in programming. When he’s not making or playing games, you can usually find Titus reading mythology, painting miniatures, or sewing gremlins out of socks.

Read more about Titus here.

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by Mars Ashton

Gunsheath is a blend of hack-and-slash and shoot-em-up genres set in a skyfaring world of floating islands. Take on the role of Dyne, a skybound cowboy mech as they defend the land from invading forces. Complete a variety of objectives in each level for bonus points, cosmetic rewards, and upgrades.

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by Important Little Games

Codemancer brings the mystery of magic and the exhilaration of learning to code together in a fantasy universe that uses spell-casting as a way to learn programming skills. Codemancer is a non-violent, entertaining, and educational game designed to be inclusive and accessible to learners at any stage.

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