by Important Little Games

Codemancer brings the mystery of magic and the exhilaration of learning to code together in a fantasy universe that uses spell-casting as a way to learn programming skills. Codemancer is a non-violent, entertaining, and educational game designed to be inclusive and accessible to learners at any stage.

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The Astro Parcel Service

by Vixen’s Ludlum

As one of The Astro Parcel Service’s newly recruited contract laborers, you are required to deliver packages by any means necessary, even when facing potentially deadly obstacles. Use the standardized space propulsion device to meet our clients’ demands and don’t fail or face extermi–we mean, termination from your current position.

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Operation UNDEAD

by Maxwell Kunze, Stephen DiGiacomo, Nick Darrah, and Bernard Russ

Operation UNDEAD is an On-rails shooter inspired by the lightgun games of the NES era, as well as the pseudo-3D techniques of Nasser Gebelli. It’s a ton of fun!

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Woebegone Woods

by Woebegone Woods Interactive

Game image from Woebegone Woods by Jocelyn Eads

Enter Woebegone Woods, a small village in the middle of a remote forest. Play as Bean, who’s leading the winter festival preparations by assigning tasks to woodland friends while balancing their happiness and skills. Kindle Bean’s friendships and other character’s friendships to put on the best festival possible!

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Gamer Girl

by Emily Horton, Emily Turner, Jules Apicella, Pay Hosman, and Sam Finston

Screen from Gamer Girl

A stalker-filled twist on the dating simulator genre that pits its female protagonist against an entirely male programming class. Spend your semester fighting against sexism like your academic career depends on it (and it kinda does).

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by Eliot Aretskin-Hariton and Justin Gray

Berrymandering is a strategy board game for players 8 to 88 and plays in 15 minutes. During the game players will cut and eat cake in order to earn candles. The player with the most candles becomes the new ruler of Cakeland. Family friendly, easy to learn, hard to master.

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by Eliot Aretskin-Hariton

Obelisk is a cooperative strategy game for ages 12+ with a playtime of 30 minutes. Players must work together to create a maze coral escaping monsters and capture them before they escape. If even one gets out, they’ll eat the queen’s roses!

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Doodlebug: An Interactive Game

Doodlebug graphic

Following along on a tour through the Akron Art Museum with Doodlebug, the art loving bug. During your visit, you’ll get the chance to meet four different paintings from the museum’s collection and ask them questions about themselves and their makers. This game was created by staff member Tyler Stallsmith, with illustrations by staff member Maria Uhase. It was included as part of GameFest Akron 2020 to offer visitors an interactive and playful way to engage with the collection. Next time you visit the museum, you may recognize some of the friends you meet in this game – except for Doodlebug, of course! He’s too shy for that!

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10 Ways to Connect with Local Artists

Artists live and work in every community. Local galleries and art schools are great ways to find the best of your regional art scenes. Northeast Ohio has many wonderful arts spaces, such as  Rubber City Print, Akron Soul Train, Summit Art Space, and many more in our neighbors to the North, Cleveland.

We’ve also enjoyed sharing our physical and digital spaces with regional artists since March and will continue to do so throughout 2021. 

Here are some local artists experiences to enjoy:

Two on-site exhibitions feature art by regional artists. Akron Art Mail features commissioned postcard-sized works by 24 artists and writers and YOU. This special exhibition includes a selection of art made by the community. Just make a 4X6 postcard and mail it to the museum. For more information, check out the Akron Art Mail page.

Making Your Mark is focused on showcasing the process and purpose of art making. Nine regional artists are featured in this show with works ranging from prints, installation, and painting.

  Twenty-four local artists sat down for informal conversations with our Deputy Director and Chief Experience Officer, Seema Rao for our series, On Process. These far-ranging conversations touch on life during isolation, art making, and teaching as well as heady social issues like racism, environmental decline, and colonialism. Stream the entire series on demand on our YouTube channel or catch them each week on Saturdays on our social media feed.

  Maria Uhase is a regional artist with extremely fine craftsmanship and a quirky sense of style. Her otherworldly creatures will give you something to marvel at. See more of Maria’s work here.

Anthony Angelilli is a regional artist whose work digests and contemplates a wide variety of materials. Each piece explores different textures and layering, and he often finds creative uses for common objects, such as rocks in his work. See more of Anthony’s work here.

Alexandria Couch is a regional artist who uses a combination of traditional and found materials. Using mediums like gouache and acrylic, Alex explores self-discovery and the formation of identity as a minority through her work. See more of Alexandria’s work here.

Jason Milburn is a regional artist with a very detailed style that is evident in his drawings and self-portraits. Jason uses ink and collage on paper to explore memories and nostalgia in his work. See more of Jason’s work here.

Certainty is not readily available in life these days. Art and music can be helpful in helping you make sense of the abstract in life. Local musician, Theron Brown, shares his thoughts about abstraction in the Podcast episode Abstract.

Drawing might feel scary. But mark-making, writing, and doodling are available to everyone. Our YouTube channel has an entire playlist of resources. Akron artist, Maria Alejandra Zanetta can also give you some inspiration in the Podcast episode Mark-Making. 

Staying playful can be hard when times are uncertain. We got advice from Akron artist, Alex Couch on the Podcast episode Play.

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Museum Crossword

This crossword invites you to use your word smarts and the online collection to get to the right answer.

Play the game virtually or print it out.



2 Good for art bad for crime

5 Canvas alternative

6 Good for a body or canvas

10 Art to see from the back

11 Media for Jenny. (See)

15 Malleable

17 Go with it or Morris Louis‘ application method.

19 Not one look but __ glare according to Julian (See)

20 Art is sometimes on it

21 Deed to a car

22 For a skillet or a canvas

23 These friends know how to sparkle. Check them out.

26 Winning medal or media used by Lynda Benglis. (See)

27 Some of the Akron Art Museum’s favorite people29Good ones are great to have, if Matthew Kolodziej’s title is any advice. (See)

31 Sad

32 Something to clean or the name for the series of paintings Gene Davis began in 1977 (See)

33 Media Van Duzer used to make his still life (See)

35 Sort of (For clue)

36 Only 39 cents a pound, according to Estes. (See)

38 Weigh it

40 With or without egg for some artists

41 A silkscreener’s must have

42 Pestacide-free food or art with irregular shapes

44 How an artist gets sharp

45 Swimmer and Painter’s work

46 A cat or the last name of a minimalist sculptor. (See)


1 Images in order

3 Course or the street Gleitsmann commemorated. (See)

4 Sculpture on the wall

5 What Viola calls her sculptures. (See)

6 90s Rock Band

7 Muse for Painter William Merritt Chase. (See)

8 The make up of things

9 Tie or Markmaking

12 Art sometimes lives on it

13 Plate made art

14 Not at the fore

16 Our spring awakening was brought to us by ___ Thomas. (See)

17 Candle’s work or a word in the title of a little known Elvis movie. (See)

18 It’s cool to be square

24 Frank Stella’s relief comes in this kind of metal. (See)

25 Car Scent or media for John Sokol. (See)

28 They help you cut it out

30 Line up tool

31 Something to use in a bathroom or studio

34 How Artists Stick with It

37 Something to get rid of for some, but something to hang on the wall if you’re Frankenthaler. (See)

39 A state, a song, and Nevelson’s work. (See)

43 Chalky art supply or not chalky art supply

MuseumGames are made possible by PNC with additional support from Acme Fresh Market, the Kathy Moses Salem Philanthropic Fund of the Akron Community Foundation, The R.C. Musson and Katharine M. Musson Charitable Foundation, the Robert O. and Annamae Orr Family Foundation, and the Charles E. and Mabel M. Ritchie Foundation.

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