Museum Crossword

This crossword invites you to use your word smarts and the online collection to get to the right answer.

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2 Good for art bad for crime

5 Canvas alternative

6 Good for a body or canvas

10 Art to see from the back

11 Media for Jenny. (See)

15 Malleable

17 Go with it or Morris Louis‘ application method.

19 Not one look but __ glare according to Julian (See)

20 Art is sometimes on it

21 Deed to a car

22 For a skillet or a canvas

23 These friends know how to sparkle. Check them out.

26 Winning medal or media used by Lynda Benglis. (See)

27 Some of the Akron Art Museum’s favorite people29Good ones are great to have, if Matthew Kolodziej’s title is any advice. (See)

31 Sad

32 Something to clean or the name for the series of paintings Gene Davis began in 1977 (See)

33 Media Van Duzer used to make his still life (See)

35 Sort of (For clue)

36 Only 39 cents a pound, according to Estes. (See)

38 Weigh it

40 With or without egg for some artists

41 A silkscreener’s must have

42 Pestacide-free food or art with irregular shapes

44 How an artist gets sharp

45 Swimmer and Painter’s work

46 A cat or the last name of a minimalist sculptor. (See)


1 Images in order

3 Course or the street Gleitsmann commemorated. (See)

4 Sculpture on the wall

5 What Viola calls her sculptures. (See)

6 90s Rock Band

7 Muse for Painter William Merritt Chase. (See)

8 The make up of things

9 Tie or Markmaking

12 Art sometimes lives on it

13 Plate made art

14 Not at the fore

16 Our spring awakening was brought to us by ___ Thomas. (See)

17 Candle’s work or a word in the title of a little known Elvis movie. (See)

18 It’s cool to be square

24 Frank Stella’s relief comes in this kind of metal. (See)

25 Car Scent or media for John Sokol. (See)

28 They help you cut it out

30 Line up tool

31 Something to use in a bathroom or studio

34 How Artists Stick with It

37 Something to get rid of for some, but something to hang on the wall if you’re Frankenthaler. (See)

39 A state, a song, and Nevelson’s work. (See)

43 Chalky art supply or not chalky art supply

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